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, the department said that each medic and ambulance unit handles about two calls and the city has 21 paramedic engine companies that can respond with firefighters who are trained as permits -- paramedics. the engines can't transport patients and for, that they will have to wait for one of the city's basic ambulance units. last night on fox 5 news at 10, the chief tried to justify the decision. >> can you say definitively that you're not putting people's lives at risk here? >> i don't think tt we're putting the public at risk at all. mast -- as a matter of fact, i think we're going respond better during the day. we'll have more units on the street. >> reporter: fire department resources say the real power is manpower, short by up to 100 paramedics. one paramedic who spoke to fox 5 worried about what might happen. >> some -- hope and [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: they must be vetted by the d.c. council before changes are made and complicating matters, the two unions in the department are at odds over this plan. the union, which represents civilian paramedics who staffed the medic units, believe
'll visit the beautiful city of prague. >> that and more next on "teen kids news." >> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm siena. we'll start with our top story. >> a lot of us join walkathons because we have a personal connection to the cause. but as emily reports, one boy's connection is not only personal, it's amazing. >> there's always excitement when an event like this is about to begin. the crowds, the signs, the different groups with their team shirts. >> let's go! [ cheers and applause ] >> this one-mile march is to raise money for the maria fareri children's hospital in new york's westchester county. it's also raising awareness about the need for transplant donors. that's why it's so special that 11-year-old tyler is here. this is not the first walkathon for tyler. the last time he joined this event, he was just hours from undergoing surgery for a new liver. >> i was really sick, you know? so i had to get a liver transplant. >> tyler had been battling a liver disease for years, and it was getting worse. to get a donated liver, you need to be on a national list. for
. >>> judgment day for the former chairman of the d.c. city council, kwame brown will not be going to jail. instead he's been ordered on house arrest for making false statements on a loan application and violating the city's campaign laws. fox 5's bob barnard down in the newsroom now. >> kwame brown stood before two judges today, one in federal, the other in d.c. superior court to be sentenced for the crimes he admitted to. near tears at times in handcuffs and wearing shackles around his ankles, the 42-year- old politician born and raised in the district of columbia was ordered to spend one day in custody. former d.c. council chairman kwame brown returned to his house in southeast washington tonight. he will serve six months of home detention plus 480 hours of community service. >> hey, what's up, kwame? >> how you doing? >> reporter: brown there greeting a neighbor in a passing car as he completed his lone day of court-ordered institutional confinement in the custody of u.s. marshals. about an hour earlier brown left the federal courthouse in washington declining to speak to reporters. >
then, how one city's plan to catch speeding drivers back fired. sue. >> and a nice bright day here. breezy and still very chilly. we have a pattern change that we're tacking about. we'll show you the latest with the nor'easter, too, and how much snow we have had up there. what is on tap for sports? >> the latest on the health of wizards guard john wall after a visit to the doctor and time lapse video on how to turn an aircraft player into a basketball court. and one area the redskins need to improve in and has nothing to do with talent or scheme. >> and if you have a story idea, there is the number and e- mail address.  . >>> speed cameras generating so much revenue n. bowie, people are slowing down and the result is that the city expects is to collect less this fiscal year compared to last. and that is 110,000 speeding tickets and this is dropping to fewer than 40,000 tickets. >>> in alexandrea, they asking for help to identify a couple of men who robbed the seven- eleven store last month. -- 7-eleven store last month. it shows the men enterring the store. the su
in the rapes of two teenage girls in a wooded area behind a dale city shopping mall on halloween. paul ebert sd that dna linked thomas to 17 rapes in four states. thomas was arrested in march of last year after authorities launched an aggressive media campaign with a website and billboards. someone thought thomas fit the rapist profile and called police. dna confirmed the tip. >> if he changes his mind, the court may very well accept a ploy in the future, but absent that, we'll be going to trial. irrespectable, his wishes are on january 14th. >> reporter: thomas faces up to life in prison if convicted. his attorney declined to comment. court records show aaron thomas is scheduled for a plea hearing in loudoun county on november 30th for a rape that occurred there in 2001. so far, that court date has not been changed. will? >> all right, paul. thank you. >>> in prince georges county, opening statements are expected to begin in the murder trial of former bowie state university student alexis simpson. she's accused of stabbing her roommate to death last december. it happened during an argument ove
the first rookie of the year to represent this city since bob allison in 1959. harper hit .270, 22 home runs, 59 r.b.i.s play2012 season at the ripe old age of 19. the now 20-year-old is the second youngest winner all time, a month older than dwight gooden when he won it back in 1984. the 2010 first overall draft pick was a major part of the nats' record breaking season, but harper is just scratching the surface on his true potential. >> just being able to be in the names of joke robinson and mike piazza and all the guys that won it, just an honor and to be able to have the great team i played for the whole year, thrall made this year fun. this is just the -- this has made this year fun. this is just the icing on the cake. >> adam laroche got a gold glove last week. davey johnen is is nominated for manager of the year and gio gonzalez is up for wednesday's cy young. >>> later a maryland nursing home under the microscope following the death of a patient, the facility's long list of health and safety violations, plus we'll hear about a patient who says his stay nearly cost him his life. >> and
. how the city is working to provide housing to veterans with no place else to go. >> a fuel crisis looms in areas hit hard by first sandy and now that nasty nor'easter. find out what's being done to protect a dwindling supply. >> yeah, a lot going on up there, will. the good news i guess for them, at least in the short term, is this weekend weather. no more nor'easter he is, we're talking lots of sunshine all unand down the east coast. we will have a sneak peek at aur weekend forecast and what we think is going on this evening. a live view of the jefferson. stay with us. fox news at five will come right back. where others fail, droid powers through. introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does. spa r. >>> president obama plans to travel to new york next week following back-to-back storms in the northeast. some people got power on and lost it again. fox's david lee miller has the latest from the commune of sea bright, new jersey. >> reporter: folks frustrated and cold, unable to escape ot crisis of mother nature. gas rationing is a necessity righ
a dale city shopping mall. if convicted, he could face life in prison. >>> this morning, the car you'll drive to work could be on the recall list. coming up, details of a major recall announced today by toyota. >> also ahead, ready to rebuild. ocean city's mayor says a landmark hit hard by hurricane sandy will be back on its feet soon. time now is 6:12. we'll be back. >>> welcome back to fox 5 morning news. damage estimates continue at the statue of liberty following the superstorm. it will remain closed for now. the landmark had just reopened last month following a $30 million renovation. >>> and a little closer to home now, good news for ocean city. the mayor says the city's famous fishing pier will be rebuilt soon. a large section of it was destroyed when hurricane sandy came through and the pilings that were left standing have been removed. the pier should be ready for business by the summer. so something to look forward to heading towards summer. but we've got to get through this. >> we have a long way to go before we're standing out on the pier jumping in the water. this is a l
into effect in new york city and long island today. many gas stations do not have power to run the pumps. so still trying to clean up all these days later after that storm. >> they've seen it all. >> in the biggest area so to speak, new york and new jersey. >> it is rough. >> are they going to get a break. >> yeah, i mentioned a few minutes ago the weather pattern will do a flip. they won't be quite as warm as we are but all the snow will be melted in a couple of days. let's get to it and show you the storminess from yesterday is departed to the east. we are looking at a very quiet weather pat were here to start your day. ments a little chilly out there. temperatures overnight back into the 30s and low 40s from our region. definitely a jack the here to start your day. but later this afternoon, with bright sunshine, less wind and temperatures in the mid- to upper 50s, it should start to feel a lot better than it felt around here in days. we're still looking at this great weekend warm-up. we'll have more details in just a couple of minutes. 39 at reagan national. we lost four degree in the pas
as fewer students are enrolled in public schools in the district and instead are attending the city's charter schools. for a full list of the 20 schools affected, you can log on to >>> from driving on sidewalks to fighting on bus between a bus driver and a student. >> wisdom martin is back with a look at stories that people are talking about. >> good morning. we begin our people behaving badly segment with blows on a baltimore bus. a baltimore bus driver is suspended after getting into a physical fight with a female passenger. this video shows the women hitting and punching one another. mta officials say they are talking to the driver and the girl's mother. the fight started when she told the passenger to turn down the music and the passenger got upset. also caught on camera. an ohio woman was caught driving on a sidewalk to avoid stopping behind a school bus. and the judge ordered her to stand outside for an hour holding a sign that says only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to drive around a school bus. also had her license suspended for 30 days. >>> two brothers
out of poles? >> reporter: in new york city gas rationing began today. cars with even numbered plates fill up on even numbered days. cars with odd numbered plates fill up on odd numbered days, an effort to ease long lines and short tempers. >> i think that made sense. it would have eased up and you wouldn't have had these long lines, people trying to fight for gas. >> reporter: housing is another growing concern. fema is trying to provide temporary shelter for 95,000 people. >> you wake up and you're okay and in a second it hits you all that's happened and you don't have a place of your own anymore are pretty devastating and you always think it's never going to be you and then it is. >> reporter: one thing there seems to be plenty of, generosity. a train filled with supplies is on its way from louisiana to new jersey tonight packed by a community that knows something about weathering mother nature's worst. >> all the images of new jersey were making them feel like everyone wanted to do something and so they started organizing an effort on facebook. >> reporter: the donations are be
city mayor michael bloomberg urged residents of low-lying neighborhoods to leave. >> look at all this. >> that woman had a smile on her face. she was like i can't believe this. >> she had a smile on her face. >> she was like i can't believe what i'm doing. we had some showers overnight and even mixed with a little snow around here. picked autopsy you trace officially at reagan national so we've had our first flakes of the season. >> officially. >> just flakes. >> nothing to worry about shoveling around here today. we are looking -- we are trending towards better conditions later this afternoon. there is your satellite-radar. you can see our storm system still kind of roaring there off the southeast coast of massachusetts and rhode island. and we're on the back side of it. cloud cover will gradually dissipate. i think we'll get some clearing here by mid-morning and it should be a nice afternoon t will be a bit breezy and still cool for this time of year. our flow out of the north and west. we'll only see high temperatures in the low 50s. still work sunshine and temperatures about five
to the numbers. reagan national is 36 degrees. we are not freezing yet here in the city but we're getting close. dulles and bwi marshall, both 32. if you've got tender vegetation and you want to deal with it, now would be the time. got to make that choice at this point in the morning. satellite-radar, we're nice and quiet. there will be a few clouds but high pressure will see things nice and dry around here. no issues with anyone rain in the forecast really for the next several days. i think the end of the weekend before we've got any rain back in the forecast. here is your forecast. mid- to upper 40s to about 50 here in town later this afternoon. so on the cool side with a lot of sunshine. still a little bit of a breeze here out of the north but definitely we seem to be permanently in jacket weather here for the next week or so. >> it hooks like it. thank you. >>> good morning to julie wright now. >> good morning. right now, traveling around the capital beltway, light traffic volume as you wake up. like you. i go from the house to the garage, from the garage to the building, never outside. tha
, a subaru. [ male announcer ] from our nation's networks... ♪ our city streets... skies around the world... ♪ ...northrop grumman's security solutions are invisibly at work, northrop grumman. >>> another inside attack in afghanistan making headlines. a gun man wearing after afghan army uniform shot and killed a service member. no word on his identity or nationality. 60 members so far this year. >> all right a scary scene inside a michigan police station. the man walked into a lobby, pulled out a handgun and pointed it at an officer who was behind bulletproof glass. after the man refused to put down the gun, officers exchanged gunfire. the suspect was killed. an officer was shot in the shoulder but is expected to be okay. the officer said to the sus -- said the suspect didn't say anything. he just had a blank stare on his face. >> not clear what caused a blast that left about 200 homeless. the explosion damaged 80 homes. 30 so badly, they may have to be demolished. >> the windows and frames, everything came in through the house and my wife started screaming and i didn't know w
that the 2% payroll tax cuts will end. >>> some people in new york city took up shovels and tools to help victims of super storm sandy. the volunteers got on buses at city hall and went to some of the hardest hit areas like staten island. they are sorting goods, checking on residents, delivering supplies. there are 36 diaster recovery centers in new york city with more to come. >>> while things are improving nearly two weeks after the storm, there are plenty of people who still do not have power. fox's peter doocey has more on why some are running out of patience. >> reporter: almost two weeks after super storm sandy passed through, some people are still without company. the largest company on long island, lipa now being blamed for poor preparation. >> i don't believe what they did was adequate. i don't believe it was right. part of it is the system design and part of it is just their performance and the fact that these utilities are a monopoly. >> reporter: government-owned lipa asked other utility companies for 700 workers to help them restore power but they ended needing 10,000. the co
to -- the new york utility companies and recommend reforms. the new york city mayor michael bloomberg said seven new restoration centers will open in some of the hardest hit areas and will offer one-stop service providing everything from basic supplies to applications for state and federal assistance. the victims will have access to nyc rapid repairs, a new program sending teams of contractors and city inspectors to affected areas to quickly repair damaged homes. >> this program is crucial for home owners whose power can't be turned back on until certain repairs are made. >> reporter: staten island residents feeling neglected by fema and the red cross taking relief operations into their own hands. setting up a shelter, clothing and food distribution center at a local catering hall. >> we went full force into turning this into what the people needed and to lose hot meals. >> reporter: the effort is an island-based operation with neighbor helping neighbor. on staten island, molly line, fox news. >> and tomorrow, president obama will visit the areas of new york hardest hit by the storm. and the pre
populated schools. in 2008, d.c. closed 23 schools, a move that ended up costing the city millions of do >>> now to a fox 5 follow-up investigation on a critical shortage of paramedics in the district. the city can't keep enough medic units on the streets around the clock so now, as fox 5 first reported, d.c.'s fire chief will announce a plan to move paramedics off overnight hours to cover busier times of the day. fox 5 talked with chief kenny etheler bee. he disputes the claims by the firefighters' union that this will reduce their ability to respond to calls by 36%. >> this gives us an opportunity to look at a decades-old system and respond more readily to our community. we've looked at the data for over a year and the data indicates that we don't have as many calls from 1:00 to 7:00 a.m. as we do from 7:00 touring the day. we are trying to adjust our schedule, adjust our service delivery model to make sure we can meet the demand of the community. >> reporter: the chief says the plan is not complete just yet and it still needs to be discussed with t
the first person living east to win a city council seat. he rose in power taking the council chairman step in 2010 at the age of 40. federal prosecutors say after today, he will have no political office and be unemployed. he pleaded guilty in june. false information on bank loan applications. one of the loans was for 39 foot boat. also forged the signature of a friend to overstate his income by tens of thousands of dollars. the other charges go back to an audit. 2008 re-election campaign kwauled to report more than $400,000 in expenditures and $239,000 wound up in the hands of a consulting company. on those federal charges brown's original plea called for 6 month sentence. prosecutors believe a 6 day jail sentence plus three years of supervised probation would be appropriate. brown's attorney is asking for no jail time and for two years of supervised probation. that's on the federal charges. you mention this, later today, he will go over to dc superior court at 2:30 to face sentencing for the campaign finance charges. and that he does face a maximum of 6 months in prison. very busy day her
of the men's names have not been released. >>> people in new york city took up shovels and tools to help victims of superstorm sandy. volunteers got on buses at city hall and went to some of the hardest-hit areas in staten island, delivering supplies and cleaning up degree. there's currently 26 disaster recovery centers set up in the city, with more coming. >>> and while things are improving nearly two weeks after the storm, there's plenty of people who still don't have power. fox's peter ducey has details on why some are out of electricity and out of patience. >> reporter: 3% of new jersey and 2% of the state of new york are still in the dark today, almost two weeks after superstorm sandy passed through. it was a storm everyone knew was coming, but the largest power company on long island, the long island power authority, or lipa, is now being blamed for poor preparation. >> i don't believe what they did was adequate. i don't believe it was right. i believe part of it is this system design and part of it is just their performance and part of it is the fact these utilities are a monopoly
. >> reporter: in a city where violent crime and unemployment are big problems, many believe education is the key to solving those issues, but truancy is standing in the way. >> my job is to educate them and i can't educate them, i can't meet the aggressive goals that we've set around student achievement if the children are not there. >> traditionally our school system is the safety net. >> d.c. ps chancellor kaya henderson testified in front of a council committed to getting students to class. some say parents have to be held accountable. >> you literally are risking their educational life. >> this is educational neglect and i think we need to inspire a few of these parents to get serious about it and make some examples. >> there is already a law on the books holding parents responsible for truancy, but council member david catania says it's rarely enforced. >> once the judicial system is engaged the parents now start to understand there are personal consequences. i would go the route of community service first, probation. >> assistant police chief diane groom says keeping kids in sch
, but across the area. >> these arrests are good news across the city, matt. thank you. >>> the principal of coolidge high school in the district turned herself in to police today following assault accusations. thelma squareet and two other employees accused of attacking a former staff member. it happened earlier this month after the homecoming football game. jarett is charged with simple assault and placed on administrative leave. aubrey brown will resume the role of acting principal. >>> new at 5 tonight, fairfax county police have released a picture of a suspect in an attack at this library. it happened about a week ago at the thomas jefferson library in falls church. police believe this man followed a 17-year-old girl into the women's bathroom and assaulted her. the girl screamed and he took off. if you know who this is, fairfax county police are asking that you come forward so that they can find this man. >>> and an edgewater, maryland, man is in custody charged with sexually abusing two children and anne arundel county police arrested the man yesterday. investigators say he abused t
in an odd number, and tomorrow drivers with tags ending in an even number can fill up in new york city. with all the power outages, only a quarter of gas stations are operating. that causes long lines, of course, which officials say has caused panic buying and hoarding. >> it has worked well in new jersey and although the shortages are more severe here because we're further down the supply chain, we help it will mitigate the worse of our problems. >> there's good news in staten island, fema's mobile office is open again following the nor'easter this week. >>> very special arrival in new york in the wake of superstorm sandy. a fire truck named the spirit of louisiana being pulled into long beach from the bayou state. it was built 11 years ago and sent to new york as a replacement truck after the 9/11 attacks. it was then sent back to louisiana to help after hurricane katrina. the truck will now help in new york. >>> 11 minutes after 7:00 on this friday morning. increased efforts to battle a big problem in d.c. schools. students who don't show up. coming up next, details of one idea on t
is traffic that is starting to slow before potomac mills. we are may back upwell before dale city headed northbound on i-59 trying to work your way out to 123. metro is having some problems this morning. metro's red line single tracking between glenmont and wheaton. this is due to an earlier problem outside of the glenmont station. you will find that trains are moving right now but anticipate a slow get on metro's red line. other than that, things are working fine. no problems to report at the wilson bridge. traffic flowing freely on the top stretch of the beltway and headed over towards 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> one central question has been answered but man more will follow. former cia director david petraeus will testify about the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. >> president obama continues to come to the defense of one of the key players under scrutiny during a news conference at the white house. melanie alnwick is live with the latest on this > reporter: the controversies over this matter just keep piling on. the most recent regarding the resig
will not tolerate delays in this lawsuit. >> new york city mayor bloomberg says that seven new restoration centers will open and will offer one-stop service, providing everything from basic supplies to applications for state and federal assistance. victims will also have cesac to nyc rapid repairs, a new program which sends teams of contractors and city inspectors to affected areas to quickly repair affected mes. >> this program is crucial for homeowners until power can be turned back on until certain repair are made. >> certain staten island residents have taken relief on their own, setting up shelters, food distribution center >> we went full force turning this into what the people needed. people lost their homes. >> reporter: the evident is an island-based operation with neighbors helping neighbors. >> coming up next, one of robert griffin iii's endorsement deals took the spotlight at redskins park today. a little later, a growing crisis nationwide involving children. why millions can't get the critical care they need. fox 5 investigates the pediatrician shortage.  >>> despite their re
north and west of the city and much of that will be moving through. getting some pretty good rain rates and the rest of us seeing at least i alight shower at the moment and all this again pushing west to east along with our cold front. the actual front is now across the bay and we're dragging with it some rain showers and cooler air behind it. here are your cooler temperatures. 47 now in washington. but look at the cold air carved out to our west. 26 in chicago and in columbus. 34 this morning in pittsburgh. much cooler air working in. boston is 63 degrees while binghamton is 32. >> it is crazy when you look at the map like that with the numbers. >> you can see where the front is. we are pretty much looking at our high temperatures. breezy and clly with sunshine building in. >> big change from yesterday. >> then you see all the really, really cold temperatures. is it going to be that cold here. >> we'll have upper 20s and low 30s here overnight too. more on that in a minute. >> not going to complain. >> i like that positive attitude. >> before we check in with julie on traffic, one note
in the rapes of two teen-age girls in a wooded area behind a dale city shopping mall on halloween. paul ebert says dna linked thomas to 17 rapes in four states. thomas was arrested in march last year after authorities launched an aggressive media campaign with a website and billboards. someone thought thomas fit the rapist's profile and called police. dna confirmed the tip. >> if he changes his mind, the court may very well accept a plea in the future, but absent that we'll be going to trial irrespective of his wishes on january 14th. >> reporter: thomas faces up to life in prison if convicted. his attorney declined to comment. t. court records show aaron thomas is scheduled for a plea hearing in a loudoun county courtroom november 30th for a rape that occurred in leesburg in 2001. so far that date has not been changed. in the fox 5 newsroom, i'm wag ago. >>> the top american commander in afghanistan -- i'm paul wagner. >>> the top american commander in afghanistan now under investigation for allegedly having inappropriate relations with a woman at the top of the general petraeus scandal. >
making d.c. the new silicon valley and gray said that investors want a piece of this plan. d.c. city center is now being built on the old convention center lot in downtown d.c. it's one of the most expensive, largest sites in all of the district. it was financed by investors in cutter and now, mayor gray said the same investors are looking for other projects. >> if you don't have a ph.d or master's degree, can you forget it. >> and. >> reporter: they worry about the unemployed d.c. residents in need of a good job and may not be qualified under gray's plans. >> they go on the job market. oh, wow. >> reporter: the mayor said his plan includes employee -- employing district residents in many trades and with the goal of 100,000 jobs, there should be plenty go around. in the district, matt ackland, fox 5 ne. >>> the largest casino in maryland announced it will nearly double the size of the workforce. other changes are ahead for the huge maryland live casino at arundel mills. this flows from the approval of question 7 by you, maryland voters. fox 5s john men rehan has more on this one. joh
headlines this morning. starting in the next hour, drivers in new york city and on long island can only buy gas if their license plates end in an odd number. tomorrow being november 10th, drivers with tags ending in appear even number will be able to buy gas. not that there are shortages but with power outages, only a quarter of the gas stations are operating. also, female's mobile office in to thenville, staten island is open again after being closed because of the nor'easter. >>> the governor of new york says the losss from superstorm sandy in the empire state could total $33 billion and that is just one state. governor andrew cuomo gave the estimate at a briefing yesterday where he panned the power company for taking more than a week to restore electricity to some. this week's nor'easter caused another 200,000 to lose power in the tri-state area. >>> an arizona judge has sentenced jared loughner to life in prison without parole for killing sick people and injuring others. gabrielle giffords and her husband mark kelly were in court for the sentencing. kelly and other shooting survivors ma
in the city today, again, the jersey shore back up to staten island, long island. the wind gusts are calming down and hopefully the power crews can get back out there and restore the power again. >> all right, gary. thank you for that update. shawn. >>> jury selection is underway today in the trial of a bowie state university student charged with killing her roommate in a fight over music. it's been more than a year since the stabbing occurred. karen gray houston visited bowie state to see how life on campus changeed since then. careern? >> reporter: well -- karen? >> shawn, students say the mood here on campus is more subdued and somber since alexis simpson allegedly stabbed dominic frazier in the neck with a pair of scissors. the students designated a special area on campus, calling it a peace park as an ongoing reminder of how they want to have their commitment to a safe environment on campus. and the administration said it hopes to have -- it's hosted a number of special programs with speakers that focus on conflict resolutions. alexis simpson was there all day at the prince georges coun
of the city. again, a left clouds today. we should be dry. >> i like seeing that where it says warm on your little map there. >> that may be the last time you say that. >> why did have you to say the last time this month. >> it's november, not a bad thing. >> not what julie wright wanted to hear. >> let me enjoy this moment, will you guys, please. i'm wearing shorts. i'm loving this right now. on the roads, if you do have to make the trip into work this morning, light are than usual traffic volume. it is a federal holiday. hats off to those that have served and those that are currently serving. 95, 295 quiet now. you will find hov rules in effect for those traveling on 50 this morning in maryland so don't get caught off guard there. lanes are open. no problems reported at the wilson bridge. 395 at the 14th street bridge. traffic volume very light and running at speed continuing over to the southeast-southwest freeway. no problems reported on the southbound stretch. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >>> president obama commemmorating veterans day at arlington national
back in the upper 20s and 30s here in the city. -- our average daytime high should be in the upper 50s and low 60s. our next chance for rain sunday afternoon and monday. let's do some traffic and fiept out what is going on with julie wright who put on the winter coat in early september. >> i didn't know flfs a difference between the fall jacket and winter coat. i thought you went from bikini to parka. -- i didn't know there was a difference. traffic flowing freely as you work your way southbound. you are at speed each way over at the wilson bridge. no issues reported off of 66 as you continue eastbound coming in from manassas. we do have the crash southbound prince william parkway at wellington road. this is southbound headed away from 66. southbound lanes are blocked. northbound, everybody is getting by. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> d.c. public schools will close 20 schools, most of them at the beginning of the next academic year. >> the reason, the growth in charter school enrollment. john henrehan has the story. >> reporter: cheryl bridge has given up on d.c. pu
. >> the city can't keep enough medic units on the streets around the clock. today, d.c.'s fire chief will announce a plan to move medics off the overnight hours to help with busier times of the day. the chief disputes the claim by the firefighters union that this plan will reduce their ability to respond to calls by 36%. >> i don't know if that data is correct, first of all. what i will say is we will have an ambulance that can respond. we have 21 paramedic engine companies and seven ems supervisors who are also paramedics who can assist that ambulance to provide emergency or advanced life support care. >> the chief says the plan is not complete yet and it still needs to be discussed with the city council and stakeholders. >>> a list of d.c. schools targeted for closure and consolidation is scheduled to be revealed today. those suggested for consolidation will be combined with higher performing charter schools in the district. chancellor kaya henderson will make the announcement. this is the second time no four years closings or consolidation have been made. >>> a big change for make
, but there is the snow, the misery they didn't need, record setting snow in central park, 2.8 inches, atlantic city 2.3, bridgeport, connecticut 3.5 and yes, it's windy and cold up there. the winds haven't been as bad as they could be, but if you combine 40-mile an hour winds gusting with 2 1/2 inches of snow, it's hard to see and real cold. we are 42 degrees. new york is 32, definitely cold. winds not too bad here. we have a couple spots gusting to 25 on the eastern shore, but as we look to the north and east, the nor'easter still producing gusts close to 40. it could have been worse, but it slipper has added more misery on top -- certainly has added more misery on top of the open wound sandy has inflicted on them. we see a pattern change coming after this very cold night. >>> meantime the storm has people in new york and new jersey still dealing with the superstorm sandy and they're on high alert tonight. the wintery mix is already coming down. fox's david lee miller has the latest now from long beach, new york. >> reporter: by midafternoon the wind had picked up and the rain along portions of the
to the city council and indeed even the mayor's office. >> they passed ballot measures that would help clean up ethics in the district. make it harder for officials who have had troubles to stay in office. i think the most important thing on the ethics front was the election of david grosso. this is a newcomer and he toppled a very well-known incumbent, michael brown who had not been convicted of anything. let me emphasize but had had personal financial problems. a lot of publicity over tax payments he missed. also this weird mystery about $100,000 of missing campaign funds. he says it was immaterial bezled. you knew why you were spending this money. >>> that shadow over him contrasted with david grosso's campaign emphasizing integrity and transparency and this toppled this well-known incumbent. that was part of the backlash against ethics in the dc government. >> in virginia, let's talk about the outcome. tim kaine makes it to the senate. president obama carried the state. there were questions about that before the election. what does this mean for bob mcdonald and the republicans in virgin
in the 30s to about 40 here in the city. going to be another cool day with highs in the upper 40s to about 50 so bring along a jacket. we'll have more clouds in the forecast than yesterday. you can see the clouds kind of streaming in from the north and we are getting a little bit of moisture here off the ocean. mostly cloudy day. i don't think we'll see much in the way of rain. we are going to have the clouds around that. will lock in the cool temperatures for the day. your thursday forecast, mostly cloudy, high temperatures, upper 40s to about 50. right now, we are back in the 30s to about 40. we'll have a look at the weekend coming up in just a couple of minute. >> thank you. >>> a deadly police shooting in a maryland neighborhood. the gunfire eripted about 7:30 last night as depend does were serving a temporary peace order at a home -- erupted about 7:0 last night. >> this man robbed a wal-mart store yesterday and shot an employee outside. police believe they found a suspect's getaway car on fire in a nearby neighborhood. >>> president obama called out two top republican senators during
is in tey are rationing york city. sarah simmons is back now with more on all of this. >> the frustrations are high there right now. they're trying to bring the tempers down by bringing order to the lines at the gas stations there. they are rationing gas. here is how it works. today drivers in new york city and on long island can only buy gas if their license plates end in an odd number. tomorrow is an even day, so drivers with tags ending in an even number can fill up. it's not that there are shortages of fuel, but with the power outages, the mayor says only a quarter of gas stations there are operating, causing extremely long lines in last week. >> the best way we think to cut down on the lines and help customers buy gas faster to help gas stations stay open longer, and to reduce the potential for disorder is to alternate the days drivers can purchase gas. >> i think that's a great idea to slow this gas thing up, because it's ridiculous. >> it's been crazy up there. governor of new york says the losses could total $33 billion, and that's just one state. overall total may be closer to $50
help from the 9,000 residents of the city, too. keep your eyes open and your property secured. >> definitely going to beef up security around the home, not going to forget to lock doors, maybe lock them twice if i have to. >> reporter: thanks to the cooperative effort between the two departments investigators have also identified a 14-year- old who they say could be responsible for more than a dozen break-ins. they need more tips, though, and if you see anything or anyone suspicious, mount rainier police want to hear from you. their number is 301-985-6566. will, back to you. >>> let's stay in maryland now. in prince george's county a maryland state trooper was hurt after being hit by a stolen car this morning in college park. the trooper was trying to stop the car when he was hit, only minor injuries. police later caught up with the stolen car and managed to get the driver. >>> new developments tonight in that whistleblower lawsuit filed by a d.c. police captain who claims he was demoted when testified about department policy on police escorts. a d.c. superior court judge rul
. quake was a powerful 7.4 and hit off the west coast of guatemala. it was also felt in mexico city and early this morning a strong 6.3 struck off canada's pacific coast but so far, no reports of dam and no tsunami warnings. >>> prince george's county police are searching for two men who robbed two others ate chillum atm. police say the men stole a semiautomatic weapon and stole the victim's wallet and car keys. surveillance cameras captured some of the robberies. these are the photos of the suspect on your screen right now. if you know the men or know anything about the robbery, bridge county police want to hear from you. >>> police in fairfax county are asking for your help in tracking down a serial fondler. each time the man fondels his victims, he then take off. here is a sketch of the suspect. he is described as hispanic with a medium build, black hear and wearing a red cap during many of the attacks. police say nine women have reported assaults by a man matching this description in the sketch. the latest case made public yesterday by police. if you have any information, fairfa
,000 in repairs. city inspector's audit found the boat capable of rescue operations. needs to be brought up to code. it is a sign of changing times in america. more women than men have driver's licens. looked at gender trend between 95 and 2010. fewer men are getting a driver's license. 25 and 29 with a driver's license dropped. the share of women fell by half that amount. shoppers, rev your engines. black friday starting on thursday this year. plus, how you can recycle old christmas lights. >>> and new changes coming to facebook. a huge gangnam style flash mob. the dance move has become very popular.  [ dollar ] tt's me. l50858544p. but i'm not just a number. i have a purpose. a higher purpose. [ muffled ] have some respect! not good. oh, man. hello? mm, no! finally -- the buck stops here. [ male announcer ] mcdonald's new hot'n spicy mcchicken. tender, juicy chicken with a crispy, spicy coating. at only a dollar, it's spicy, not pricey. but only for a limited time. >>> leaving family dinner to go shopping. trading in old christmas lights for new ones. and i
a three day weekend out of it because sunday is veteran's day. 68 degrees for the city but some low 70s will be around. so that will feel fantastic get the porch ready. you can do some porch sitting part of the day sunday for sure. dulles today was 57. that's below average. average is 61 degrees. tonight we already find some temperatures down into the 40s here at 6:00. 48 in frederick. 47 for baltimore. here in the district 53 degrees. you will definitely notice that chill tonight if you are going to be heading out. a lot of chill across the rests northeast. new york is in recovery mode now. temperature of 49 degrees. the weather is going to improve for them, too, as it's mostly sunny skies across the mid-atlantic. now that the sun is down, clear skies. our next storm system way out in the west. they are getting blizzard conditions across parts of montana and they are going to notice that in wyoming as well. it's mostly high pressure in charge. that's all the clear skies we have. we will eventually get some of that rain but it's going to take to monday or tuesday night to get here. we w
of the week or the weekend. tonight, we are dropping to 36 degrees in the city. we have known many places already below 32 degrees in the suburb. definitely a cold start tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, almost the same opportunities we had today. 49 degrees. the only different is not quite as sunny for part of the day. we had some clouds that will be coming on through and the northeast winds will have to build autopsy little bit of cloud cover as we. a chilly start at 8:00 in the morning. 48 degrees. by noon, climbing to 46 degrees with a mix of clouds and sun and we keep that going into 4:00 with the temperature of 49 degrees. still trying to kept showers off the coast tomorrow. it will do a good job and then high pressure slides into place for our friday to give us a lot of sunshine. into the weekend, here is another coastal that developed, not the one tomorrow but a second one that will develop. we'll site it down in the aim region saturday and sunday. might get closer, might be stronger. we think it will probably affect eastern suburbs especially but we'll keep a chance of shower
of the city. there could be more arrests. >>> a big story, the investigation into the deadly consulate attack in libya. he lied and that is how they started off a many of them shouting. >> reporter: both sides agreed that ben ghazi was a tragedy and they want to get to the bottom of it. from there, this hearing split into stark party lines. republicans say the white house is engaged in a coverup and democrats say the gop is trying to score political points to embarrass the president. >> the committee will come to order. >> reporter: republicans on the house foreign affairs committee taking aim at the white house over ben ghazi. >> it's time to fess up. >> i think we need to have a real honest explanation. >> someone forgot to circle the calendar on 9/11. >> reporter: in the two months since four americans included chris stevens were killed, republicans say that that is still not clear why more security officers were not stationed at the u.s. consulate. >> there were not three even. there is supposed to be five. the unwritten rule there were three but there was one there. only one and that is
suicide. >> interesting. >>> all right. later on this morning, the city of ft. worth, texas will pay tribute to president john f. kennedy. he visited the city right before his assassination in dallas in 1963. >>> help is on the way after superstorm standee thanks to one the girl and what she saw on television. >> we have weather and traffic coming up. -- after superstorm sandy thanks to one little girl and what she saw on television.  >>> welcome back. the commute getting under way here pretty soon. we're taking a live look at our metrobus location right over around the corner, western avenue and the buses will be really busy today as you can imagine, the middle of the work woke. students from some northern virginia schools have partnered with some truckers to help victims of superstorm sandy. the sole interiors this from chester brook elementary school and other northern virginia schools dropped off donated items. truckers from the american trucking association drove the goods to staten island, new york and new jersey. >> it started out as we were watching the concert for new yo
. 7.4 hit off the west coast. also felt in mexico city. then early this morning, a strong 6.3 struck off canada's pacific coast. centered not far from vancouver island. 85 miles off the coast of british columbia. no reports of damages and no tsunami warning. >> doctors in philadelphia say they have successfully separated 8 month old conjoined twins. the surgery took place in philadelphia. the girls were joined at the xeft and stomach. both babies are doing well and should lead healthy lives. >> seseme street is doing a hurricane special tomorrow. it's part of a series of disaster themed joins. about a devastating hurricane that destroyed big bird's nest and left the neighborhood in chaos. the series ran in 2005 following hurricane katrina. and last week they decided to air it again in the wake of super storm sandy. >> let's go back now to our top story. that naftly nor'easter that slammed new york and new jersey. >> many communities are affected including long island. that's where where find jill this morning. >> reporter: yes, good morning. we areness door where we found houseboats
alone with volunteer doctors and volunteer nurses. i haven't had any input from the city or the state so far. >> officials with the red cross today defended their work calling their operation in nearby belong island nearly flawless. >>> may cost you more to put thanksgiving dinner on the table this year. shawn yancy has your fox 5 top five. >> up first tonight the poplar soft drink that claims it can help make you thinner. no. 5, pepsi introducing a new fat blocking soda going on sale tuesday it. contains dextrin, a fibrin claimed to help reduce fat levels in the body. there's no word when or if it will come to the u.s. no. 4, moms to be who have the flu or prolonged fever may have an increased risk of giving birth to a child with autism. a study found children born to women who reported having the flu while pregnant were twice as likely to develop autism and three times as likely if their mom had a prolonged fever. no. 3, home depot is having its christmas light trade. in bring your old lights in and get coupons for l.e.d. string lights. the trade-in runs through wednesday. no. 2, than
there is gasoline rationing in new york city and long island. i'll explain how that's working after we look at what's going on. let's roll this. sanitation trucks are clearing piles of debris on staten island, this ighborhood a full mile from the ocean dealing with 12 feet of water, 12 feet, all across the region hundreds of thousands still freezing in the dark. millions of people, yes, got their power back after sandy tore through only to lose it again from the nor'easter. it dumped up to a foot of snow in some parts of new jersey alone. lots of stories of kindness and generosity, but you know what? a lot of these victims are frustrated wondering how they're going to go on. >> the reason the progress has slowed is because in the impacted areas you basically have to go building by building to make sure what buildings can take the power and what buildings can't take the power before you return power to that area. >> it is meticulous work indeed. so back to the gasoline rationing, drivers have been under a mandatory gas rationing situation since sandy hit 10 days ago restricting people to buying fuel
back into the low 30s off to the north and west. mid upper 30s here in the city. going to be another cool one today. definitely jacket weather. highs will be in the upper 40s to about 50. big change from yesterday. you can see it there working south and north. and rain showers down in the carolinas. not concerned with the rain. we have high pressure protecting us. the cloud cover will remain thick here throughout the day. a few peaks of sunshine. the trend will be a lot more clouds than what we had around here yesterday. 44 in washington. 38 out of dulles. high temperatures today top out in the upper 40s to about 50. that's about 10 degrees below normal for the middle of november. 50 here in washington. 45 in winchester. cool afternoon. definitely jacket weather. i'll have details on your weekend forecast in just a minute. back up stairs to both of you. >> all right. thank you very much. we begin with breaking news this morning involving the deadly gulf oil spill back in 2010. bp will pay billions of dollars as part of a settlement. a person familiar with the case also
himself. 12 people were kill ed and 58 hurt. >> new york city residents continue cleaning up after super storm sandy, many are struggling with a new battle. they are getting sick. several reports of a bad cough and migraine headaches going around. some think it could be signs of toxic exposure. >> i serve a lot of the areas this past weekend and i can tell you there are environmental toxic waste land because of all the oil that has seeped into the ground. those chemicals tend to linger for a long time. >> the city's health department says recent testing shows outdoor air quality is good but officials warn about toxins in doors. >> it is 7:11 now. thursday morning. is it the end of the road for our dear twinkies. why hostess might shut down the plant tomorrow. >> connecting fathers through bars with art. i'll have that coming up. >> nothing like a hot bath after a long day at work. what about a bath filled with wine and a bunch of other people? >> and a baby in there. >> what this tradition is all about. >> and as we take you to the break, the latest weather and traffic from tucker and j
, this is what you are waking up to. bumper-to-bumper traffic continuing out of dale city and woodbridge headed up towards the accident scene. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> did the wizards finally get their first game win of the season? and the cy young awards are being handed out in baseball. we'll tell you in the nationals gio gonzalez got one. [ harry umlaut ] i speak european you know. [ sally umlaut ] uh-huh. take this fascinating muller yogurt. frut up. means "fruit up." creamy yogurt down below. delectable, layer of fruity, moussey, uppiness on top. frut up. as the europeans say. in their language. wow. you really are bilingual. [ male announcer ] muller. the european for yummy. >>> all right. checking sports, another loss for the washington wizards. this now the only team in the nba without a win. yes, they still have the same coach. wizards fell to the dallas mavericks 107-101 dropping to 0- 7 on the season. that is just one loss short of the start they had last season when they lost their first eight games. >> is there a theme here? >> inso. >> to baseball now, the
york city, spend a couple days. we'll have lunch together, workout together. you get a massage and spa. it's worth the prize. pay attention and write the words down. >> we will be looking forward to it. you can catch the dr. oz show at 4:00 p.m. right here on fox 5. thank you, dr. oz. >> a maryland nursing home is facing scrutiny following the death of a patient. our fox 5 investigation uncovered a history of health and safety violations at saint thomas moore nursing home. sherry lee is here now with more. >> maryland's health department tell fox 5 it has serious concerns. state inspections have found deficiencies over the last several years. it has so many problems, the facility has been on a nationwide medicare list of nursing homes with poor quality care and it hasn't shown improvement. the state has investigated numerous complaints at the facility this year including one three months ago when a patient died. >> they failed to respond appropriately in an emergency situation and failed to provide the proper care to this patient which resulted in the subcutaneous emphysema. >> did thi
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